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1953 Gillette Superspeed Razor W Blade Y3

1953 Gillette Superspeed Razor W Blade Y3
https://youtu.be/PiNx5WGHvq0 More pictures
Be Sure to See the Pictures I've Posted on YouTube for Flaws

 1953 Gillette Superspeed Razor W Blade Y3, Very Good Plus Clean Working Condition. The twist to open mechanism works perfectly, also the blade gap is even on both sides of the razor head. The razor measures 3 1/4 inches in length and is plated with nickel, it is a one piece TTO (twist to open) razor which uses standard double edge blades and has a date code of Y3, Indicating the third quarter of 1953. 

 The razor weighs in at 54g and feels very good in the hand. There is No plate loss or rust on this great razor, although there is a Small Amount of Vintage Ware on the handle which can be seen in the pictures. This great collectible by Gillette will give many fantastic shaves in the future. In Some of the Pictures It Looks like the Underside of the Razor Head As Plate Loss, There Is No Plate Loss, What You're Seeing Is My Reflection As I Take the Pictures. Also included with this great vintage razor is an unopened NOS (new old stock) Pal Razor Blade. 

The TTO Superspeed was Gillette's main fixed blade model from 1947 until well into the 1970s at the least. The specimens from 1947 through 1949 have no date codes on the underside of the head. These are the original classic Superspeeds. They are extremely well made, and are fairly mild shavers. The build quality remained high, although not perhaps quite as high as the original. In the early '60s the razor was redesigned. The geometry of the head was changed, it became a bit more aggressive and the build quality started to go down hill, although it was still quite decent. By this period they were focusing more on their adjustable models. Please be sure to see all the pictures, also see the pictures I've posted on YouTube.

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