Monday, February 6, 2017

1935 Darwin Razor in Original Shipping Box W Blade

1935 Darwin Razor in Original Shipping Box W Blade More Pictures
Be Sure to See the Pictures I've Posted on YouTube for Any Flaws

 1935 Darwin Razor  in Original
Shipping Box W Blade, I Don't Believe This Razor/Stropper Has Been Used more than once or twice, It Is in Such Fantastic Condition That There Is No Ware on the case at All! I Had to Post It Is Used Because I Don't Know the History of the Item!

 I proudly present a 1935 Darwin Razor/Stropper in its Original 
Shipping Box. To begin with the shippers box itself shows a Small Amount of Vintage Ware, there are No Cuts or Scratches, the hinge device on the back of the case works as if it were new and is Not Damaged in any way. You can still read the writing on top of the box, which you can see in my pictures. 

 Inside that beautiful box is the Most Magnificent Razor Set that I've ever seen in my life, it is Chrome Plated and in some ways resembles a Rolls razor, but much more detailed. The outside of the razor stropping container itself shows very beautiful and detailed scrolling, which in my opinion makes this wonderful collectible even more desirable (see pictures). This extremely innovative device, of course, comes with the Original blade which is also in completely MINT condition, with the writing on it still very visible.

 On the end of this beautifully magnificent case is a working button that you gently push to pop the lid that opens the inner workings of the stropping device. The inside of the razor stropping case is in Very Good Plus Condition and as clean as a whistle, Showing No Rust or Ware whatsoever on the inside of the stropping device. As you can see in the pictures is the razor handle, which sits in its own holder which are both in completely Great Condition.

 The Darwin Razor is quite similar to a Rolls Razor, only not so cheaply made, using a hollow ground blade, which is removable, honeable, and actually is a bit thinner than the Rolls blade, which like a straight razor would give it a sharper edge. The honing/stropping action is performed by pulling and pushing the end of the slider mechanism, which as the blade reaches the far end of the strop, flips over to hone the other side of the blade. It is a  moveable part of the box. The two sided strop is fixed in position by a catch. 

 The two sided strop is changed from side to side by moving a lever and pulling it from the other end of the box very carefully to assure that the timing of the blade was correct and that it did not dig into the strop, and then returning it with the chosen grit side up. One side being more course than the other, just like honing and stropping a straight razor, you would begin with the coarser side of the strop and then finish the blade off with the finer side, giving the blade an excellent edge that would split a hair. These magnificent devices are never going to be made again and if you miss this one, you may never see another, this is a collector's dream item. As always, please be sure to look closely at all the pictures as they represent this beautiful collectible as it truly is also see the pictures I've posted on YouTube for any flaws.

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