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1930s Segal Unitary DE Safety Razor

1930s Segal Unitary DE Safety Razor Pictures
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 1930 Segal bright gold safety razor, this is a great safety razor that reads Segal, in Very Good Condition.  The razor is clean and in Very Good Mechanical Condition.  It is in Excellent Working Order with a half twist of the twist to open knob to close tightly on the blade. The plating on the razor is in Excellent Condition… The Top Was in Very Bad Condition so I Stripped It and Now It Has a Beautiful Shiny Silver Top Blade Plate, although it has some pitting on the head still a great looking razor that works perfectly.

  The razor has excellent balance and is hefty at 2.5 oz.  The shave was excellent as the razor's ballance makes it easy to control.  This vintage kit comes with a used Segal packet which contains used Segal blades. The box is in Fair Condition and has seen its better days. Please see the pictures.

 SEGAL Unitary Safety Razor, invented by Hyman R. Segal, of New York, NY.  Mr. Segal applied for a US Patent on January 25, 1929, Serial No. 335,032.  His safety razor US Patent was issued on July 28, 1931.  The difference in this razor is the way the cap is released to replace the double-edge blade;  by turning the end of the handle in a clockwise turn, the cap is raised on a shaft so that the blade could be changed.  By turning the end in a counter clockwise turn, the cap was lowered onto the comb-type guard.

 The Segal safety razor is a unique one-piece ("Unitary") DE razor design that requires proprietary double edge razor blades. It was patented and produced in an era in which Gillette dominated the safety razor market. Externally the Segal appears like it would disassemble as would any typical Gillette razor, but functionally it is quite different. Rotating the bottom TTO knob extends the top cap up and away from the razor body and positions it so a blade can then be slid over the top cap and seated. Vintage Segal blades will fit both Segal razors as well as Gillette safety razors of the era, but not vice-versa. Using a Gillette-type blade in a Segal razor requires cutting out an oval portion of the center of the blade in order to properly fit the Segal.

 In order to use a Segal razor today we have to either scrounge up vintage blades that are pushing 80 years of age or use cuticle scissors to modify current production blades. Using an original Segal blade as a template, you can outline the center portion to be cut out using a fine tip Sharpie marker. If you don't have an original blade for template purposes you can even wing it by eye. After cutting my first couple of blades, I realized the two tabs which lay at the outer ends of the blade's center cut out serve as positioners when sitting in the Segal razor. Due to this welcome feature, the precision of the center cut is not critical, and can even be a bit ragged or imprecise, as these tabs will ensure the blade is properly oriented. Revlon or another high quality brand cuticle scissors quickly and easily cuts the .004" thick Gillette blade to fit the Segal.

 So how does a vintage Segal razor shave with a customized Gillette blade? Well let's put it this way - if I were blindfolded and asked to guess the razor without knowing what it was in advance I would have told you I was using a Merkur 34C. I did not sustain one single wound with a two pass plus touch up using Proraso green. In fact its level of mildness triggers a tendency to want to start "drag racing" during the shave.

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