Monday, August 1, 2016

Allegro NOS Model L. DE Blade Sharpener

Allegro NOS Model L. DE Blade Sharpener pictures

 Here we have an Allegro NOS Model L. DE Blade Sharpener. It in its Original Box. The inside of the lid shows a short overview of the sharpener, this great collectible item also comes with the Original Manual, also Another Smaller Manual printed in English (it's also printed in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portugese, Swedish, Szech and Dutch, please see the pictures. The box has some vintage Ware and the two front corners are ripped as you can see in the pictures, all in all it's not too bad a shape. The sharpener itself is in Mint Condition with no marks, scratches, gouges or rust.

 Here's a synopsis of how it works, First you open the lid of the machine, remove the blade holder and open it. The DE blade is clamped in the holder by turning a small nut, The carriage has slots where the blade holder fits, So you carefully put the holder in the slots and you're ready to go. When you move the carriage one edge of the blade is honed or stropped in this case.  When you return the carriage, it tilts the other way so you can hone / strop the other edge. At the end of the return pass the blade flips over so you hone / strop the other side of the blade. Two times back and forth and all 4 sides are honed.

 Now a bit on the sharpening stone. It has three sides to it. Black, green and leather. I don't know the grit, but I understood the green side is finer than the black side. So you always hone first on the black side. Then you turn the stone (you can reach it from the under side of the device) to the green side. After honing on the green side you turn the stone further to the leather side. You do 4 full hones on the black side (8 x back and forth) and the same on the green side. You do double on the leather side. It does seem to work on my vintage blades. I can use them at least as much as the modern stainless and coated DE blades. This device only takes DE blades. 

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