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1950s Gem Heavy Flat Top Razor

1950s Gem Heavy Flat Top Razor More Pictures

 This Gem Heavy Flat Top Razor is in Great Condition. The plating on the head of the razor is silver, also it has no rust, or pitting anywhere. Handle is also in great condition. There is a Very Small amount of scratching on cap. The Gem Heavy Flat Top single edge safety razor is silver colored with ivory colored plastic handle. Flip open top, marked Gem Razor inside. Has 'G' in circle on handle. Gem was made by American Safety Razor Corp., Brooklyn, NY.

The American G bar is called a Flat top, information has it at 40's and 50's in 2 slight variations and in red case made by American Razor. You might find the G-bar a little mild. Personally, I rank it up there with the 1912 and 1914 designs as one of the finer razors. Yes, it was coined the Heavy Flat Top. The Heavy Flat Top (often misnamed the G-Bar) harkens back to the 1950s. From the research I've done I believe that the Heavy Flat Top was out first. This razor utilizes the solid guard bar as opposed to the closed-combs of the 1912s.

 There is some debate in the wetshaving world as to whether or not razor weight contributes to the aggressiveness of the razor. From using this razor my conclusion is that a heavier razor does lend itself to being more efficient. I can achieve the same results with both the razors but a different number of passes is required. The Featherweight always needs more face time to get the same result as the Heavy Flat Top for me. If I do 3 passes with the HFT, then the FW will require at least more touch-up if not a full extra pass. The more passes you perform, the more likely you are to have irritation. This is why the FW, despite its lighter overall weight, typically gives you some irritation while the HFT does not. 

While these razors share very similar, if not the same, heads and their handles are completely opposite. The plating is great except that it keeps the price of these razors a good 3-4 times higher than other SEs. The knurling on the HFT handle is definitely not rough, but I've never had one slip out of my hand either. Some have made comments that the bottom nub is annoying, but for me it fits perfectly in my grip right between my pinky and ring fingers. The bakelite material of the FW is very easy to grip thought not the prettiest thing to feast your eyes on. You can definitely zip this razor all around your face so long as you keep a light pressure. 

I could easily use the HFT as my daily razor. It's efficient enough and very smooth. I rarely use the Featherweight anymore, however, if I have a bad windburn, sunburn, or crazy razor burn then I would definitely consider using the FW if I was in a must shave situation. You must be careful with the FW not to add pressure during your shave because of how light it is. Subconsciously you start pressing down with it more since it's harder to feel on your face, but this is not necessary and will likely lead to a good bit of irritation. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures also see the pictures that I have posted on YouTube.

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