Sunday, July 24, 2016

concerning best offers

during the past 10 years I have posted hundreds of razors for sale, for some reason people are afraid to make me an offer, I don't understand that. I sold the razor to a man in the Philippines the other day and he apologized for insulting me with his bid, there was no apology necessary. If I put an item up for sale for best offer I am willing to accept all offers, I should say any offers and believe me I will make a counter offer if I don't like your offer. there are items that I have for sale on eBay that people refused to bid on because there afraid they're going to insult me with a bid… That's got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, when an item is put up for sale for best offer the person that put that item up for sale should be willing to accept or at least consider every offer put to them.

I don't want to carry on but I find it ludicrous to believe that people are so shallow as to tell someone that they're insulted by their offer. I have 30 items for sale right now I'm bonanza and of course some of them are for best offer… Please don't let the price posted stop you from making me an offer I guarantee you I will consider any reasonable valid offer!… Rick Andrews

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