Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1934 Gillette Aristocrat W Case and Blade Box

1934 Gillette Aristocrat W Case and Blade Box Pictures 

 This Beautiful 1934 Gillette Aristocrat Shaving Set is in Very Close to Mint Condition, the outside of the case is black and is in Fantastic Vintage Condition as you can see in my pictures, the hinges of the case work Precisely as they should, closing the razor case with a snap, the hinges are covered as they should be. The inside of the case is a Royal purple color, the fabric has No wear which also can be seen in the pictures.  The Gillette logo on the inside of the case lid looks to me to have No wear. The set also comes with the Original blade bank which is also in Marvelous Vintage Condition. In the left-hand corner of the case the fabric has moved slightly, pulling the fabric back in place with a small amount of glue will fix this as if it was never there, I would've done it myself but I didn't notice it until I took the pictures so now it will be left up to the new owner :-) :-)!

  Unfortunately I am a lousy photographer but I did do my best to represent this beautiful collectible Gillette shaving set, taking over 100 pictures to make sure that the buyer gets a good look at this Rarely Seen set. Please be sure to look at all the pictures on YouTube.

  The Aristocrat was Gillette's first one piece razor.  The 1934 Gillette Aristocrat Razor is the Original TTO ( Twist to Open ) one piece Gillette.  This Beautiful Collectible Razor has been Expertly disassembled with all the mechanics being cleaned and then reassembled, everything on this Extremely Hard to Find Razor is just as it should be.  Everything about this beautiful razor works exactly as it should, all mechanics are in top-notch condition.  This Gillette Aristocrat is a TTO ( twist to open ), open tooth comb safety razor and features the exquisite Barber Pole design handle known to some as the "Bull Dog Style Handle." The Head of this Razor is Bright & Shiny, the butterfly doors Open & Close Smoothly.  The handle is Bright & Shiny with No dents or dings!  This is Gillette's first TTO one-piece razor, weighing in at 70g and is 8.2cm long.

  This beautiful Gillette Aristocrat Razor is in Excellent Condition. It does not bear a date code indicating it was manufactured before 1951 when Gillette introduced the date code system. This Aristocrat is Gillette's first Twist To Open Model, the Barber Pole handle design with No end caps and the rivets showing.  It features the no notched center positioning bar which precedes the notched center bar which was introduced in 1948.  

  The 1934 Gillette Aristocrat Model is most assuredly a Fantastic looking and shaving razor.  The weight of the razor is 70g. All the teeth of the open comb Aristocrat Razor are Absolutely Straight, None of the teeth are bent or broken.  This beautiful collectible razor functions precisely as it did back in 1934. It is shave ready, and will give you many years of fantastic shaves and/or look great in your collection.

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