Friday, April 15, 2016

1922 Gillette Tuckaway Gold Shaving Set

1922 Gillette Tuckaway Gold Shaving Set Pictures

 This magnificent item is the classic 1922 Gillette New Improved Gold Tuckaway Set. This pocket razor is another of the New design like the New Standard but a little smaller. The gold plating is in Very Good Plus Condition with a minimum of wear to the outside of the case, there is one tiny spot on the outside of the case but I'm not sure what it is, it's only about the size of a pinhead and can be seen in the pictures. The razor is you can see in the pictures is in fantastic condition with almost No Wear, No Plate Loss, No Brassing or Rust. It is a three piece razor and all the parts fit together tightly to hold the blade in place. The last four pictures show the serial number which coincides with this item.

The interior of the case is also in Almost Mint Condition, showing no tares, also the printing on the inside top of the case is completely legible. The exterior of the case is also in Very Good Plus Condition with a minimum of wear, there is no brassing or plate loss. The mechanism that holds the case closed works 100%, the case closes evenly and stays closed. This is a classic that should be owned by every DE shaver. This kit is in Excellent Condition. This item would be great for a collector or to be used as a daily shaver. It has been sanitized using antibacterial soap, a soft toothbrush and water them cleaned and polished to a high sheen.

There where two versions, the silver plated and the 24 karat goldplated which this item is. This razor head style is known as the "New Improved" type which was first produced in 1921. Originally sold for between $6.00 and $9.00 respectively. This style case is known as the "VEST POCKET" case. This razor will give a very close, clean, and comfortable shave as long as the shaver knows it gives an aggressive shave. Please be sure to see all the pictures also the pictures that I have posted on YouTube.

Price $135.00
Shipping and Handling $5.60 USA
Shipping and Handling Worldwide $16.75
Shipping and Handling to France $22.00

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