Saturday, March 19, 2016

1940 Gold Tech Safety Razor W Old Type Head

1940 Gold Tech Safety Razor W Old Type Head Pictures

 1940 Gold Tech Safety Razor W Old Type Head. These razors were only made in the USA from 1938-1945.  This razor is in Excellent vintage condition. The Gillette Tech is known as one of the all time great safety razors as it gives such a comfortable yet close shave.  Just to make this razor a little more interesting I added an old type head. Gillette made all their three-piece razors so that all the parts from other razors fit all the other handles, so I thought I'd give it a try and let the buyer see the difference between the two shaves. The comb has two slightly bent teeth which will in no way affect the shave.

 The Fat Handle is highly sought after as the heavier handle gives additional weight to the razor which in turn improves the shave quality.  Stamped on the back of the razor is the Gillette diamond logo and MADE IN U.S.A.  The Fat Handle Tech is a three piece construction razor, to change the razor blade, simply hold the head and twist the handle clockwise.  The top of the head will become detached allowing easy, quick and safe access for blade changing.  This razor takes all Double edge (DE) Safety Razor replacement blades.  50 g in weight, the handle is 75 mm long all of which provide the perfect dimensions for a well balanced razor that will give you a close yet comfortable shave. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures also the pictures that I have posted on YouTube.

Price $35.00
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Shipping and Handling Worldwide $16.75

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