Saturday, March 26, 2016

1938 Gillette Senator Mint Re-Plated Safety Razor

1938 Gillette Senator Mint Re-Plated Safety Razor Pictures

  1938 Gillette Senator Twist-To-Open "TTO" Safety Razor and 1 NOS collectible blade. This razor has been re-plated, disassembled, tuned up and put back together, this razor is in Mint Condition, the razor head doors open and close smoothly and are bright and shiny, the twist to open device works precisely as it should opening and closing the door smoothly and evenly. There are No Bent or Broken Teeth. It has Absolutely No plate loss or brassing.  

  There are Absolutely No mechanical issues. Please see the pictures as they are part of the description, also see the pictures that I have posted on YouTube. I included a New Old Stock Collectible Blades still in the original wrapper and unopened so that you can start shaving immediately.

  It is about 78 years old, it is not new but the re-plating makes it look like it is brand-new. I purposely took close-up photos so you can see any signs of wear on the razor, There are none. If you are the buyer you will find that the razor, in person, looks even better than in the photos, simply because I take lousy pictures. :-)… The razor is absolutely shave ready and looks magnificent. 

  Gillette 1930's open combs are considered some of the best razors Gillette's ever produced.  You will very rarely if ever see in 1938 Gillette Senator Safety Razor up for sale, If you can find another in this condition please buy it, this is a once in a lifetime sale, I don't care if you're a collector or not you more than likely will never see another one, by it while you can. This beautiful collectible razor is absolutely shave ready, just drop in the blade of your choice and prepare yourself for one of the best shaves that you've ever had.

Price $155.00
Shipping and Handling $5.60 USA
Shipping and Handling Worldwide $16.75
Shipping and Handling to France $22.00

Terms of Sale:

Forms of Payment: PayPal, Amazon, Stripe, Etsy

Buyer pays return shipping

Insurance is at the discretion of the buyer

Shipping: 1 Day Handling Time, USPS First Class Mail. International buyers pay according to location. Ships USPS First Class International Mail. Shipping costs to some countries may be higher than stated, if so the buyer will be notified before the item is shipped.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase please get in touch with me immediately, please don't bother the management it's completely unnecessary, I will make sure personally that whatever you would like to do concerning the item you purchased happens.

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