Tuesday, March 1, 2016

1916 Gillette Aristocrat Razor W Blade

1916 Gillette Aristocrat Razor W Blade
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 What we have here is a 1916 Gillette Aristocrat Razor W Blade. Gillette had a habit of moving their razors from box to box to make new sets. This is a Gillette Standard Safety Razor which in 1916 became a Gillette Aristocrat when the Gillette company decided to put this razor in an Aristocrat box, this razor is considered an Aristocrat. It has a serial number of D438131 (old type) model 102, 1916. The only thing stamped on the outside of the bottom blade plate is the Gillette logo, with the serial number stamped on the inside of the lower blade plate. 

 This great collectible is in Very Good Condition considering its age.  The Razor Handle Has Absolutely No Stress Fractures. This magnificent razor is Triple Silver Plated and still shines. Its weight is 53g.  For this razor to be the better part of 100 years old it still looks great, the razor has as you can see in the pictures has mosquito bites on the outside top blade plate and what I think is tarnish because it is silver. The handle also still shines but is a little rough but I have to say honestly it looks really good. It has three slightly bent teeth which can be straightened, this can only be done with the old type Gillette's. 

 There is of course as you can see in the pictures plate loss on the teeth but they are all present. All the parts fit together tightly as they should, in my opinion this is a Fantastic Find for a collector although it needs to be re-plated to be perfect, very many collectors might just leave it the way it is. This 1916 Gillette Aristocrat has been previously owned & used through the years since it's manufacture.  Being manufactured in 1916 this Gillette is almost 100 years old. You aren't going to find these just laying around. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures also the pictures that I have posted on YouTube. There are some fantastic close-ups of the razor especially the serial number.

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