Saturday, March 26, 2016

1912 Gem Damaskeene Single Edge Razor

1912 Gem Damaskeene Single Edge Razor Pictures

 I offer for sale a 1912 Gem Damaskeene Single Edge Razor, it is in Very Good Condition. The handle is a beautiful art deco design which has lost none of its shine or functionality, with a twist the handle disengages from the head. In the spot where the razor handle screws into the head it reads Pat. 1912… On the inside of the razor blade compartment it reads Gem, Brooklyn, New York, made in USA. 

 It functions properly in every way, the top opens easily when the tab is pushed down and snaps tightly closed to hold the blade in place. On the head of the razor there is minimal wear, on the back of the razor where it is stamped 'GEM' there is also a small amount of Ware, please see the pictures also see the pictures that I have posted on YouTube. Included with this fine collectible razor comes a NOS box of 3 Old Gold single edge blades still wrapped in their original envelope's.

 It could be effectively argued that the GEM Damaskeene is the finest shaving implement ever produced. This razor has a head that I would consider to be a modified lather catcher. The 1912 model began with the Damaskeene and in 1919-1920 the Damaskeene inside the razor head was discontinued and the razor continued in production as the 1912. Measured from the spring cover slot to the handle it measures 11/16".

 The weight of the Damaskeene is 55 grams. It is both a very attractive razor with it’s closed comb and it’s a fantastic shaver. It feels incredibly mild, and appears to be able to do no wrong, yet it gives a shave that easily rivals far more aggressive feeling razors. It is as close to a perfect blend of razor qualities as I’ve ever found in any razor. The shave produced is close and comfortable.

Price $28.00
Shipping and Handling $5.60 USA
Shipping and Handling Worldwide $16.75

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The items I sell are vintage, not brand new & may have imperfections. If you have questions or something is not clear, please email me prior to purchasing. 

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