Sunday, January 17, 2016

1958 Gillette Mint Re-Plated Fat Boy Adjustable D4 3

1958 Gillette Mint Re-Plated Fat Boy Adjustable D4 3 … More Pictures

 1958 Gillette Mint Re-Plated Fat Boy Adjustable Razor date code D4.  The razor has been re-plated and looks absolutely fantastic, this razor has been adjusted so that everything works exactly as it should.  The TTO ( twist to open) mechanism  to open the butterfly doors is crisp as well as turning easily and closing tightly on the blade. The turning of the numbered collar is smooth and turns as it should to adjust the shave as each number clicks. The razor is clean and shiny, with No evidence of wear.  The Gillette FatBoy is considered to be one of the best razors that Gillette ever produced, with care this razor will last a lifetime.  1958 was the first year that Gillette produced the Fat Boy.

  The black paint on the numbers is in Fantastic Condition. It opens and closes smoothly, and the adjuster stops on each click and raises and lowers. The doors raise and lower slightly as they should when you adjust the shave.  The blade gap is even on both sides of the razor at all adjustments. The razor has been cleaned, sanitized, oiled, polished and is shave ready, or to add to your collection.  The lower the number, the less likely you will knick your skin.  As the pictures indicate, there is no pitting, brassing or corrosion.  Please be sure to look at all the pictures closely also see the pictures that I have posted on YouTube.

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