Thursday, December 17, 2015

1920 Re-Plated Gillette Big Fellow Razor w Case Blade Safe

1920 Re-Plated Gillette Big Fellow Razor w Case Blade Safe … More Pictures 

 1920 Re-Plated Gillette Big Fellow Razor with case and blade box. This is a great silver plated Gillette Big Fellow razor. A fantastic 1920 Gillette Big Fellow with Original wooden case and re-plated blade box. The razor's lower blade plate is stamped with Serial number N123?12 making it from early 1920, the fifth symbol is missing, more than likely from polishing over the years and not the replating. The top of the bottom blade plate has a couple of dings which can be seen in all the pictures, they could not be buffed out because it would change the blade gap of the razor… Even though there's a couple of dings this razor looks fantastic.

 The condition of the wooden case is Excellent with a Miniscule amount of vintage Ware which can be seen in the pictures. The hinges of the case are tight and shiny and work precisely as they are supposed to, closing the case evenly. All the metal on the blade case has been cleaned and polished and if I do say so myself it looks absolutely great, the inside of the case if possible is better than the outside of the case, please see the pictures also be sure to see the pictures that I have posted on YouTube.

 The silver plating on the razor is in Absolutely Mint Condition and shines as if it just came off the Gillette assembly line. The teeth are all perfectly straight. There are NO stress fractures of the handle which is usual in this type of hollow handle Gillette. This is absolutely a magnificent piece of Gillette history.

 The silver plated razor is in Near Mint Condition with NO bent or broken teeth. Plating is bright and there is NO loss of it. The case is also in Near Mint intact condition. The blade box is also in Mint Condition with absolutely no amount of brassing, dings, dents, scratches, this re-plated blade case looks absolutely new. This piece makes for a great everyday shaver or an excellent collector's piece. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures, also the pictures posted on YouTube. 

The Big Fellow is a hefty razor and longer than most standard GILLETTE razors. The Old Type Big Fellow was introduced in 1919 and made for only a short time until 1921. These razors are very hefty, long and classic shavers. They are very popular amongst the wet-shaving crowd and are renoun for their terrific shaving performance. This beautiful Gillette razor is shave ready. Don't let this Big Fellow pass you by, they don't come up for sale very often, especially in this condition. Pick up this awesome piece of Gillette Safety Razor history today! 

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