Friday, October 2, 2015

Rare 1930s MINT Gillette Tech Travel Kit/

Rare 1930s MINT Gillette Tech Travel Kit/ More pictures

Here we have a VERY beautiful collectible and Rare 1930s MINT Gillette Tech Travel Kit. The case is made of supple leather and is stained a light brown with a gold border, the snapping mechanism on the case works just as it should and sustains no damage whatsoever. It has no cuts or abrasions, the case as the rest of the kit is in Mint condition. On the back of the Case you will see two extremely small water spots.

When you unsnapped the top of the case and open it. You will read printed in gold lettering, lotion, brush, soap, styptic, above each of the gold filigree writing are containers which hold the canisters of the items mentioned above, in the middle above the snap is the razor, which is a 1930s Gillette Tech with a shortened handle for this travel Kit, which as you can see in the pictures is in Mint condition, directly behind the razor is a small slot that carries Gillette thin blades.

Each container, as you can see in the pictures is plated in bright shiny gold, as is the upper and lower blade plate of the razor, with a black handle, and the container which holds a styptic pencil has a gold plated top and a glass container. In the pictures that I took, no matter which direction I took the pictures from, and I took over 50 pictures, The goldplated containers reflected the flash from the camera and that's what you're seeing, I assure you that none of what you see on the gold plating is there, it's an optical illusion.

As I said in the beginning of the description, this item is Extremely Rare and in Mint Condition, you may never see another, and if you do I assure you that it won't be in this condition. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures as they are an exact replication of this beautiful collectible item.

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