Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1962 Gillette Superslim Adjustable W Blade H2

1962 Gillette Superslim Adjustable W Blade H2
https://youtu.be/7u6ooiuWvhM More Pictures

  1962 Gillette Slim Adjustable Razor with one collectible Gillette thin blade, Date Code H2. The plating is in MINT condition with absolutely NO brassing or rust. The black paint in the numbers is fully intact. The end caps and blade gap are in MINT condition and the adjustment and opening mechanisms work flawlessly. This razor is in MINT condition. Every bit as good a razor as the more expensive Fatboy, it has excellent weight and balance. If you're looking to try an adjustable razor, you can't do better than a 1960s vintage Gillette Slim Adjustable. This razor provides a custom shave.

 A highly sought after Gillette Slim Adjustable safety razor. A very well built razor that will provide plenty of wonderful shaves. These are great razors and a great value. Stamped with the H2 date code for the second quarter of 1962.  Please see the pictures as they are part of the description also please be sure to see the pictures that are posted on YouTube.

  The setting range is 1-9, one being the mildest shave and nine being the most aggressive. The size and weight of these razors provide great balance and makes shaving a pleasure. Razor is made of brass plated with nickel. This razor is in MINT condition, see photos. The TTO knob works as well as the day it was made, the doors open smoothly and closes tightly as it should. This razor has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using antibacterial soap and Barbacide it is ready to shave!

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