Monday, October 12, 2015

1946 Gillette Milord W Stand Brush Blade

1946 Gillette Milord W Stand Brush Blade Pictures

 1946 Gillette Milord W Stand, Brush, Blade everything is made of beautiful shining brass.  The razor is in absolutely fantastic condition. On the outside of the head there is one small minor scratch which can be seen in the pictures. All the mechanics of this razor work precisely as they should, the TTO (twist to open) turns easily and opens the doors as it should, closes them tightly to keep the blade in place. The blade gap on both sides is even as it should be. Please be sure to look at all the pictures closely also the pictures that I've pasted on YouTube.

  The brass stand shines as only brass can.  It is approximately 7 inches tall with NO cracks or breaks.  The bottom of brass stand is covered with a piece of black felt with no holes or tares. The brush handle is also made of brass, there are No major scratches or dents and is in Excellent Condition, it has a somewhat rough surface so that you don't lose your grip on it as it's being used. The bristles of the brush are in great condition with none falling out, the bristles are tightly woven into the handle and not losing any bristles, the brush stands approximately 4 inches tall. 

 This set was put together by me, every part being purchased separately and put together as a set.  Each of these vintage items in its own right are beautiful, but together they make a set that you would love to wake up to each and every morning.  This set will add to the decor of your bathroom as nothing like brass can.  Please be sure to look carefully at all the pictures as they are the best representation of this item.

Price: $80.00
Shipping: $7.00 USA
Shipping Worldwide $16.75 

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