Sunday, October 4, 2015

1927 1932 Schick Repeating Injector Safety Razor Type B1

1927 1932 Schick Repeating Injector Safety Razor Type B1 More Pictures

 This is a Schick Type B1 magazine repeating razor and was made by the Schick Magazine Repeating Razor Company in New York between 1927 until 1932. With this B 1 version the head is always exposed. This head can be turned to the side for shaving. At the opposite end of the head is the handle. In the handle is what is called the magazine. One cool feature of these early Schick razors is the way the blades work. They're stored in the handle, and you work a mechanism much like loading a rifle to eject and replace the blade. Included with this razor are instructions how to load new blades into this razor. Because of it's compact size this razor is a perfect travel razor. It measures 4 1/2" long by about 1/2" square. Just toss it in a small toilet article case and away you go. 

 This particular razor is in Excellent aesthetic and Completely Perfect Mechanical Condition. These repeating razors were either silver plated or gold plated. This one is silver plated. The magazine holds 20 blades. This razor has no new blades loaded into this clip, in this set I have included a New Old Stock box of Schick War Blades and one new blade in the shaving head. More can be added when desired. Once this razor and all the blades have been used and ejected, the clip can be removed and reloaded with new blades.

 Also included is the Original Box of Purchase which has quite a few water stains but the box itself is solid with no rips at the corners. The Original Directions also come with this set, they have suffered over the years but are still readable although a bit tattered. There are at least four blades in the bottom of the box that are open and I'm not sure I would try using them but that's up to you. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures also see the pictures that I have posted on YouTube.

 This razor uses the exact same injector blades that are manufactured and being sold in stores for the more usually seen, different colored bakelite handled injector razors. These old vintage injector razors are not being made anymore, but were so well made they were made to last, and last they have. There are plenty of the different types of old injector razors still available and in use today, as can be attested to by the several companies that today, still make just the blades. This injector razor will provide a very economical alternative shaving method compared to the cost of present day safety razors. These injector blades sell for less than $1.00 per blade. Just Google "injector blades" and you will find many sources for Schick, Persona and other brands of injector blades. Many drug stores and Walmart type stores also sell these blades.

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