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1955 Re-Plated Gillette Diplomat Razor w Original Case

1955 Re-Plated Gillette Diplomat Razor w Original Case/ … More Pictures

1955 Re-Plated Gillette Diplomat Razor w Original Case. 1955 Gillette A3 Diplomat is a TTO (Twist to Open) razor and was produced between 1953 and 1956. This razor is 24 ct. Gold plated with a top coat of lacquer to protect the gold as it is a very soft metal. The set comes with a partial container of Gillette Blue Blades in the original dispenser. The Razor is in Mint Condition with Absolutely No Wear, it has been completely disassembled, given a complete tuneup so that all the mechanics work precisely as they should, the doors open and close properly and close tightly to hold the blade firmly in place. The blade gap is even on both sides of the razor as it should be, the razor was then re-plated with 24 carat Gold and reassembled.

The razor case is in Good Plus Condition. The hinges are in excellent condition closing the lid with a snap. The outside of the case has small amounts of vintage Ware which can be seen in the pictures. The inside of the case shows minimal soiling with no rips or tares to the fabric. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures, also all the pictures that I have posted on YouTube.

One way to identify this beauty is the handle, which is thicker than the Super Speed, it is fluted and completely knurled the entire length from neck to knob unlike the Aristocrat of the same years which had a smooth band just above the knob. The Diplomat is 3.25” in overall length and
weighs in at 70 grams. The blade gap of this razor is .64mm, which is the same as the Gillette New Razor. One other thing to note is that this razor came with the notched center bar to accept the use of the Blue Blade dispenser packs produced at the time. The Diplomat came in a very
handsome leather clad case that was embossed with the Gillette crest in 24 ct Gold Leaf.

This razor is one of my favorites, as I own another I occasionally use it. I get a fantastic shave from it, very comfortable and clean. There is just something about shaving with a 24 ct. Gold razor that just seems to make the shave that much more luxurious. Now you have the opportunity to buy a Gillette Diplomat, I highly recommend you jump on it, you won't be seeing another Gillette Diplomat razor in this condition anytime soon. The razor has been cleaned, polished, re-plated, tuned up and is shave ready, just put in your favorite blade and get ready for the best shave of your life.

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