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1933-1941 Schick Repeating Razor Type C1 w Blades

1933-1941 Schick Repeating Razor Type C1 w Blades Pictures

  Type C1 (1933-1941) C1 - Open comb. Here we have a 1933-1941 Schick Type C1 Magazine Repeating Safety Razor, made by the Schick Razor Company in New York, NY.  The razor is in Fantastic condition, showing very few signs of wear.  For being over 80 years old this great vintage razor not only looks great but works great.  The razor also comes with a NOS container of EverReady Schick blades.

  This Very hard to find Schick razor is used but not abused, everything about this razor functions properly, it has very minimal finish loss if any and is in Excellent condition. Schick Automatic Razor made by the Schick Magazine Repeating Razor Company is basically a folding single edged, injector type travel razor.  Please be sure to look at the pictures as they are the best measure of the quality of this razor, also see the pictures posted on YouTube.

  In 1921, Colonel Schick invented a new type of safety razor, the Magazine Repeating Razor.  Inspired by the army repeating rifle, it had replacement 
blades stored in a clip in the handle ready to be fed into shaving position by pivoting the head and stroking a built in lever, without the chore and danger of handling a sharp blade.  Production of this innovative razor started in Jersey City in 1926.  These magazine repeating razors were 
produced in three models between 1926 and about 1935, and were the forerunners to the famous Schick Injector Razor, still made today.  The popular Schick Injector Razor has a separate magazine of blades that is inserted into the razor head to inject a new blade, and slide the old one out. 

Type C 
The Simplified 
Schick Automatic Razor
Magazine Repeating Razor Co.
Blade Type : SE single edge, injector
Made in US 1933-1941

Patent: 1926 1452935 and 1797733
Type C1: open comb guard
Square, gold plated, filigree design, with cap.

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