Saturday, June 6, 2015

1940 Christy Safety Razor Kit NOS Blades

1940 Christy Safety Razor Kit NOS Blades

Marked: The Christy Advertiser; This was a Complimentary Razor and was NOT to be sold! You could obtain additional blades from your dealer, price, 35c for 5 blades. This safety razor kit in the original box, which was manufactured by The Christy Co. Fremont, Ohio; was aimed at the female market. After all, what lady would want to rip out her leg hair, to say nothing of her sensitive underarm hair using a safety razor made specifficaly for a man, with a flat straight head.

Instruction booklet is included; the original blades are all in the original wrapper.
This safety razor has been cleaned using Barbasol and antibacterial soap. The entire razor and original blades have been polished and frankly look "NEW". On the razor blade cover which attaches to the handle part of the razor, there is stamped "Pat. No. 1502615"; under that is stamped "PATENT APPLIED FOR". This kit is the real deal and ALL original. wonderful addition to anyones collection.

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