Sunday, June 7, 2015

1930's Valet AutoStrop Razor in Case w Blade Box

1930's Valet AutoStrop Razor in Case w Blade Box

Valet AutoStrop Razor made by AutoStrop Razor Co. New York U. S. A.
This fine vintage razor is in the original brown metal box with a blade box. The razor is in good condition for being 80 plus years old. To replace the blade flip the lever up to open the blade door, insert new blade and flip the lever down to lock blade in place. This razor uses single edge blades which can be purchased in many places that you go to everyday. 

Razor measures 3-3/8" long and 1-3/4" across head. All parts work as intended. Overall this shaving kit is in good condition and would make a nice addition to your collection. The razor and case are in good condition. There is no rust or brassing, top of flap reads "Valet." 

The handle unscrews to be removed for ease of access to the underside of the razor for cleaning. There is a release lever for the blade head, once opened there is a second release tab for the blade holder. There is also a very interesting gear works on the side of the head for sharpening the blade using a strop. Valet filed a lawsuit suit against the Gillette company on copyright infringement in 1930. Gillette took over the company shortly after that. 

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