Sunday, June 7, 2015

1800s Edison Black Diamond Hone w Finishing Hone

1800s Edison Black Diamond Hone w Finishing Hone

This is an original Barbers Razor Hone or sharpening stone. It has the 
original wrap around label. The hone measures 5 1/4 X 2 X 1/2 inches. The 
stone is black. The label reads as follows: " "Barber's Best" 
Razor Hone Guranteed Extra Fine and Fast Cut Will Last For Years Lather, 
Water or Oil may be used on this hone" The wrap around label is in fair vintage
condition with wear from handling over the years.

On top of the stone is written "Edison Black Diamond", also imprinted is
"price $1.00". The stone is in good condition with two small chips
which will in No Way affect the sharpening of your straight razor. Also
included with this great collectible is a smaller finishing hone that also
is in good condition, it has one small chip on the right-hand side
which in no way will affect the finishing of your razor. The wooden handle 
and backing has a bit of wear but there are no breaks anywhere on this small 

Price $25.00
Shipping $5.60 USA
Shipping Worldwide 12.75
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