Saturday, April 4, 2015

1967 Gillette British Sportsman Tech Razor

1967 Gillette British Sportsman Tech Razor Pictures

If you happen to see a small amount of black anywhere on the razor it's just a small amount of leftover polish and will come off with a soft toothbrush.

  1967 Gillette British Sportsman Tech Razor, this beautiful collectible razor features engraving on the outside of the top blade plate of the Gillette logo. This beauty is a three piece razor, made in England. It sports a great looking herringbone handle which is in perfect condition… All the pieces of this razor fit together as they should, holding the blade tightly in place. The razor is made of aluminum and has a fantastic shine, the plating is in Perfect Condition, there is No tarnish, rust, brassing. The 1967 Gillette British Sportsman Tech Razor is known to be as aggressive a shaver as a fat boy with the adjustment set on eight. This razor is as clean as a whistle. 

  There has been a huge increase in interest in these old Gillette safety razors, A lot of men are rejecting expensive disposable cartridges and returning to the tried-and-true double-edged safety razors such as this collectible Gillette British Sportsman Tech. They aren't making any more of these great Gillette razors.  The prices on these are likely to only continue going up. This is a nice one! Please be sure to look at all the pictures closely as they are an exact representation of this great collectible item.

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