Saturday, April 4, 2015

1959 Gillette British Flare Tip Rocket Razor

1959 Gillette British Flare Tip Rocket Razor More Pictures

  In some of the pictures you may see a few black spots, that's just a small amount of leftover polish and will come off easily with a soft toothbrush.

  Here we have a 1959 Gillette British Flare Tip Rocket Razor, Very Good to Excellent Condition. No brassing or pitting, doors open smooth and close tight to hold the blade in place.  1959 Gillette British Flare Tip Rocket Razor, Made in England, British Pat # 694093, Beautiful, Rare Collector's Piece. Weight of the razor is 59 g.  

  This is a Rare and Great collectible razor. These razors were made in either Germany or the UK for the German market, depending upon the stamping along the base plate. This one happens to be made in the UK. This great collectible razor comes in Excellent and Clean condition. The plating is in Excellent Condition, and the razor shines brightly. 

  This razor is most definitely a collectible, there is Absolutely No Wear or Plating Loss on the Razor. The head also shows No Plating Loss and maintains all of its luster. This is a TTO razor ( twist to open ) everything mechanical about this item works perfectly. The plating is in Fantastic condition, there is No Rust or Corrosion on this beautiful collectible razor. 

  The TTO opens and closes the doors very smoothly and evenly without effort. Functions with No problems or defects of any kind. The razor has been cleaned with antibacterial soap, sanitized and polished it is in 100% Shave Ready condition. Would make an Excellent addition to your collection or as a daily shaver. Please be sure to look carefully at the pictures, they are an exact representation of this great collectible item. 

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