Sunday, March 15, 2015

1959 Gillette Fat Boy Adjustable Razor W Blade E1

1959 Gillette Fat Boy Adjustable Razor W Blade E1 More Pictures

  This is a 1959 Gillette E1 date coded Fat Boy TTO Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor that is in Good Condition. The razor maintains its' Original nickel plated finish.  The mechanical functions all work as designed to snug and adjust the blade evenly and to the optimal settings chosen by the user in this adjustable razor.  This Fat Boy is 55 years old and ready for another 55 years of use as a great and iconic shaving instrument.

  All the mechanical aspects of the razor work Flawlessly.  This includes the snugging half turn in the TTO knob, and crisp, audible clicks from the adjustment knob.  It clicks from 1 through 9 smoothly and with an even, consistent blade adjustment.  The blade gap is even at all adjustments. The nickel plating on the handle is growing a bit thin but nothing major, just above the twist to open knob the indentation just above the knurling is missing the plating and the metal is down to the brass, the razor is missing the anodized black circle just below the adjustment dial also there are a couple of dings on the adjustment dial itself.  Even with these tiny flaws this razor looks great.

  Finally, the enamel paint in the adjustment knob is clean, fully in place and as good as original. The razor has been cleaned with antibacterial soap and water and then polished. Please be sure to look at all the pictures as they are an exact representation of this great collectible. This razor is good for use as a daily shaver but in my opinion Not a collectible.

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