Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1920 Gillette Old Type Safety Razor

1920 Gillette Old Type Safety Razor
http://youtu.be/EBOvI81fYHs More pictures

  1920 Gillette Old Type Safety Razor. This beautiful vintage razor has been re-plated and looks marvelous. All the pieces fit together tightly as they should. It is a three piece razor, top guard has three studs, center one is threaded for handle. Uses 3 hole blades, the razor blades are easily obtainable.

  This is a hollow handle razor. Many of these razors have small stress fractures in the handle which is common in this type razor. They had serial numbers on the lower blade holder until about 1929 - 30. Pat Jan 13, 1920 This One Doesn't. Gold in color, razor says Pat Jan 13, 1920 on handle. Gillette in diamond logo Made in USA under lower blade plate.  This razor has no serial numbers and there are 2 small stress fractures in the handle.  It is tight on both ends.

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