Sunday, March 22, 2015

1919 Double Stamped Gillette Standard Safety Razor

1919 Double Stamped Gillette Standard Safety Razor Pictures

  What we have here is a 1919 Gillette Old Type Safety Razor w NOS Blade.
This razor is a model 102 and has a weight of 50g.  It is in very good
condition with no plate loss that I can see.  It has been cleaned and 
polished and is shave ready.  Although the razor has a minute stress fracture on
the top of the handle as almost all of the hollow handles have this vintage
razor is still very collectible.  

  Razor has three bent outside teeth which can be straightened, the Old Type Razors are the only razor Gillette ever made that the teeth can be straightened, Gillette must've changed the type of metal used in later years because I know for a fact that the newer razors teeth have a tendency to break off. The razor could also use a good cleaning. Serial number K675300

  On the underside of the bottom blade plate there is a DG which means this razor was intended for the French market also the razor is double stamped… There are two Gillette diamonds and the words made in USA have been stamped twice. The plating on the top blade plate seems to have a small area that needs to be re-polished other than that the razor is in fantastic condition. Please be sure to see all the pictures as they are an exact representation of this great collectible item.

  In 1917 Gillette begins making the Pocket Edition sets themselves instead of contracting them out to American Button Company (ABC). These razors now come with hollow handles, which in my opinion was a very bad move on the part of Gillette. Please be sure to look at the pictures as they are a true representation of this product.

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