Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1966 Gillette Techmatic Band Blade Razor L4

1966 Gillette Techmatic Band Blade Razor L4

  Here we have a 1966 Gillette Techmatic Band Blade Razor, L4,
the shaving kit is in excellent condition, included are the
original instructions, case and razor. The case is in very good 
condition with a few scratches to the top of the case. The razor
is also in very good condition with nothing broken and appears 
to work well.

  This razor was considered high tech for its time because you 
did not touch the blade and it was single-sided. The blades were 
in a cartridge. It was essentially a long band blade, which you 
changed by clicking a forward button.  Schick Super Chromium 
cartridges will fit the Gillette also. 

Razor on Apollo 11:
This shaving equipment was carried aboard the Apollo 11 mission 
by astronaut Michael Collins as part of his personal preference 
kit. The Personal Preference Kit was so named because all astronauts 
were permitted one small bag for personal or small items of 
significance they wished to carry into space. 

Overall (razor): 3 in. long x 1 1/2 in. wide (7.62 x 3.81cm)
Manufacturer: Gillette
Dates in Production: 1965-1969
Type: Adjustable, Cartridge - Razor band

 Notes of Interest: Issued to astronauts on Gemini & Apollo 
missions. (

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Shipping $5.60 USA
Shipping Worldwide $12.75

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