Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1940s Gillette Gold Tech W Blade

1940s Gillette Gold Tech W Blade

   This is a 1940s Gillette Gold Tech W Blade, the outside of the top blade plate is etched with Gillette, it has a solid small ball end handle, it is a three piece razor that is in fair condition. The gold plating has a small amount of vintage Ware… Please see the pictures. The razor is serviceable.

  The Gillette Tech was notable as the first Gillette razor sold with a solid safety bar rather than an open comb guard. Stamped on the razor is reg Us pat. Gillette, made in USA, I have cleaned the razor with antibacterial soap and just generally cleaned it up with a toothbrush, the razor is shave ready, just add your favorite blade.

Price $18.00
Shipping 5.60 USA
Shipping Worldwide $10.00

Terms of Sale:

Forms of Payment: PayPal, Amazon, Stripe

Shipping: Three Day Handling Time, USPS First Class Mail with Tracking Number. International buyers pay according to location. 

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