Saturday, January 3, 2015

1930s Gillette NEW Otto Roth Inc Stamped Razor

1930s Gillette NEW Otto Roth Inc Stamped Razor

  Here we have a 1930s "NEW" Gillette Otto Roth Inc Stamped safety
razor, this vintage collectible has a thin common bar handle with 
Otto Roth Inc. stamped on the outside of the bottom blade plate, 
Made in U.S.A. and numbers. The razor is in very good
to mint condition. This razor was made after King camp Gillette
left the Gillette Safety Razor Company and Otto Roth assumed

  This highly collectible vintage razor is sought after by many 
collectors and if lucky they find one that is in almost mint 
condition as this one is. This razor marks a turning point in the
Gillette Safety Razor Company which at this point in time is 
historical fact.  

  The razor has no bent or broken teeth, no scratching or gouging to the outside or inside of the top blade plate, the bottom blade plate is just as beautiful as the top. The handle has no loss of color, scratches, gouges, damage to 
the knurling. It is an absolute collectors dream. Also included is a box of Gillette NOS Blue Blades, the box has not been opened but the original cellophane is a little bit worse for wear, also included there is a Rubie DE collectible razor blade. On the back of the unopened NOS blade envelope reads Otto Roth Inc. Newark 
N.J. U.S.A.

Price $75.00
Shipping $3.50 USA
Shipping Worldwide $10.00

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