Thursday, January 1, 2015

1921 Gillette Milady Decolletee Peach Version

1921 Gillette Milady Decolletee Peach Version
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This great vintage kit is a 1921 GILLETTE Milady Decolletee Peach tints case, Gold-plated, double-edged razor and blade safe put up in the Milady Decolletee configuration of a peach celluloid compartmented case.  This great vintage collectable is in almost mint condition.  There are no cracks to the case and the razor and blade case have no plating loss.  

There are no cracks in the handle of the razor as is usual in the hollow handle models, all teeth are straight.  Also with the kit comes the original vintage blade case.  The front of the case has the letters "AP" on it, which i believe will come off easily with some acetone but I am leaving that to the buyer. If your initials are "AP" then this won't be a problem.    

This is one of those beautiful celluloid sets made in the 1920s when celluloid was much in fashion.  Manufactured by the Gillette Safety Razor Company, Boston, Mass. in 1921.  This shaving kit was patented January 13, 1920.  This fantastic vintage razor was manufactured between October 17, 1921 and August 28, 1928.

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