Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1882 Lamont Combination Razor Strop

1882 Lamont Combination Razor Strop 

Here we have an 1882 Lamont Combination Razor Strop, this is a No.4, Quite 
Rare! It is 14" long and 1 1/2" across. It is marked The Lamont Combination 
Razor Strop, Manufactored By COPELAND, HALL & CO. ROCHESTER, NY. Pat. Feb. 15 1876, April 16 1878, Feb. 7 1882. Comes in the original box which has seen its' better days but is still intact, this great item has a wooden handle and 
four different sides on which to hone and strop your straight razor, 
manufactured by the Copeland, Hall & Co. Rochester, New York (1883). Don't 
miss out on this RARE razor strop! The strop is in "GOOD" condition but needs
a good cleaning which I will leave up to the new owner.

  Razors needed to be sharpened on a daily basis. To sharpen the razor every 
barber and gentleman would have had a strop and/or hone. Strops are made 
from leather, while hones are usually made of stone. The combination strop 
and hone pictured here was manufactured and patented in 1878. 

  Directions for use on the box reads: “Should the razor be very dull use 
[side] No. 1, first rubbing a little tallow over it [the blade], then [use 
sides] 2 and 3 finishing on 4 but in ordinary cases 3 and 4 are sufficient 
to secure a very fine edge.” 

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