Thursday, December 4, 2014

1917 Gillette Old Type US Service Set

1917 Gillette Old Type US Service Set … More pictures
This Item Is Negotiable!

  Note: in the third and fourth picture there looks to be a dark streak on the right-hand side of the bottom of the case… It is just a reflection and it's not there!

  I offer for sale a 1917 Gillette U.S. Service Set Old Type Open Tooth Comb Safety Razor and the Original Blade Safe.  All the teeth of the open comb blade guard have withstood the test of time, No Bent or Broken teeth. It has a weight of 48g. This great find is in Excellent Condition! 

  This great Gillette safety razor is a nickel plated Old Type, with absolutely No Plate Loss. Included in this fantastic World War I Gillette shaving kit is the original Gillette blade safe, it also has No Plate Loss.  Originally sold for $5.00. This shaving kit was made in the USA by Gillette during 1917.  Making this beautiful U.S. Gillette shaving kit at least 97 years old, and it still looks new. 

  The inside of the case is covered in Royal purple with no rips or tares, the printing on the inside of the lid looks as good as if it were new as can be seen in the pictures. The hinges and the front clasp work as they should with no problems whatsoever. The handle of this great Gillette razor does bear a Very Small crack at the upper ring but is stable.   Also included with this set is the original mirror, it's not your typical mirror it's actually a piece of polished metal, it works very well actually, you can see yourself well enough to shave with it, it is underneath the inside lid covering… Sorry, I forgot to photograph it but it is in excellent condition.

  This Gillette U.S. Service Set will make someone a great daily shaver and in such good condition that any collector would be glad to own it. I can guarantee you that in another 97 years someone will be shaving with this wonderful collectible kit, these razors were built to last not like the cheap plastic variety that are sold nowadays, so get ready for a lifetime of great shaves. This excellent Old Type is in magnificent condition all original, not re-plated.

This Item Is Negotiable!
Price $210.00 or best offer
Shipping Free USA
Shipping Worldwide $12.75

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