Sunday, November 23, 2014

1967 Gillette superspeed adjustable w blade M2

1967 Gillette superspeed adjustable w blade M2 … More Pictures

  I absolutely love the great shave of the Gillette 1967 SuperSlim Adjustable Razor, that's why I sell so many, I want everybody to experience the same shaving pleasure that I enjoy on a daily basis. The razor is made of brass plated with nickel.  This one is in Mint Condition, with absolutely no plate loss, rust or brassing. Please be sure to look at the pictures as they are part of the description.The date Code of this great collectible razor is M2, the second quarter of 1967.

  The Gillette SuperSlim Adjustable safety razor. It is a Very well built razor that will provide many more years of great shaves. In my opinion these are one of the best razors that Gillette ever produced.  All the plating is in Excellent condition. The black paint in the numbers is fully intact.  The guards and blade gap are in excellent condition, the adjustment knob turns easily and clicks at every number and the TTO (twist to open) mechanism work flawlessly. 

  These Gillette Superslim adjustable's have excellent weight and balance.  If you're looking to try an adjustable razor, you can't do better than a Gillette Superslim adjustable.  The setting range is 1-9, one being the mildest shave and nine being the most aggressive.  The size and weight of these razors provide great balance and makes shaving a pleasure.  This razor has been cleaned and sanitized using antibacterial soap and Barbacide and is shave ready, but if I know razor collectors they are going to want to clean and polish this razor for themselves.

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