Wednesday, October 29, 2014

1960 Gillette FatBoy Case Blades F2

1960 Gillette FatBoy Case Blades F2
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  1960 Mint Gillette FatBoy w Case and Blades F2, meaning the second quarter of 1960.  Most of the pictures are so close-up you can actually see the dust… Ain't technology grand!!  This beautiful razor has Not Been Re-Plated, it is all original.  The TTO (twist to open) mechanism to open the butterfly doors is crisp and turns easily as does the turning of the numbered collar to adjust the shave, as each number clicks.  The numbers on the collar are as black as the day it left the factory.  The ring below the adjusting knob is also as black as the day it was made.  The razor is clean and shiny, with no evidence of wear.  It opens easily and closes tightly to hold the blade in place, the adjuster stops on each click.

  As the adjustment knob is turned the doors raise and lower slightly as they should to adjust the shave.  The lower the number, the less likely you will knick your skin.  As the pictures indicate, there is no pitting, brassing or corrosion. 
  As I said earlier the razor is in Mint condition
.  This beautiful razor was hand cleaned and polished using Q-tips and toothpicks to get it every millimeter of it, this razor is clean.  

  The case is also in Great Condition with No Broken Parts, gouges or major scratching, the case stays shut as it was meant to.  This entire set looks fantastic and would absolutely make a great item for your collection.  This razor design is tried and true and is both a work horse and a show horse.  This is a really beautiful Gillette adjustable FatBoy razor, in the Original Case with an open dispenser of Gillette Super Blue Blades.  The razor has been thoroughly cleaned and polished and sanitized with Barbasol.  This great kit is ready to display or use.

All items sold for best offer
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