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1949 Mint Gillette Aristocrat No 22 W Blades

1949 Mint Gillette Aristocrat No 22 W Blades

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  1949 Mint Gillette British Aristocrat Number 22, Rhodium Plated Safety Razor.  The Gillette British Aristocrat Number 22 features the stunning Gillette rhodium plating, a solid guard bar, barber pole knurling, a rocket style TTO knob, and a diamond shaped baseplate. The razor is indistinguishable from the Number 66.  This particular razor is labeled Patent Pending inside the blade tray.  This razor appears to be unused. This 1949 Mint Gillette Aristocrat Safety Razor is highly collectible.  It looks unused with No water marks and No scratches. The handle is also in Mint condition.  Stamped with the Gillette logo and MADE IN ENGLAND.  

All mechanisms of this razor work as they should, it opens easily and smoothly and closes tight and even to hold the blade well in place.

  The Gillette Aristocrat gives a nice, close and comfortable shave.  The razor weighs 70 g, the handle is 75 mm long.  The British Aristocrats are some of the finest, if not the finest, razors ever made.  Until you have shaved with one you have no idea. I have this exact razor and the shave is awesome.  You will not find these for sale very often so I would advise you to pick it up while you can.  It has been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.  Comes shave or collection ready!

  Manufactured from 1914 through the 1960's.  The Gillette Aristocrat is a rare gem and is the first twist to open model produced by Gillette.  The Aristocrat is a higher end model and is somewhat hard to find these days.  It comes in several different styles such as gold plated, silver plated, some are twist to open and some are adjustable.  It is rare to find these razors with a date code or a date stamp and there is some speculation that this particular model stopped production in the early 1950's.  Even though some say they may have been produced well into the 60's.  Some models have a notched center bar which makes blade replacement easier than most, and much faster.  The Aristocrat is a bit more expensive than most vintage Gillette's but well worth the money, due to the quality and craftsmanship of the razor.  Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures, they are an exact representation of this rarely seen great collectible item.

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